Showing Off My Teeth in a Party Bus

After I visited my favorite Chantilly Dentist, I then went on to celebrate. I was turning 33 and decided it was time for me to celebrate it on a PAAARRTTTYYYY BUS! I decided to head off to Utah, where the best party buses lay around. There are other party bus services such as R.J.s party bus services or Wasatch Limo or some other companies, but I decided to roll with Party Buses Utah. I enjoy having a good time riding in a nice party bus because I will be riding with my best friends. I will not try and mix and match different companies to compare. I know what a good company is, in my opinion, and am confident with what I choose to be a good company. I have three types of party buses that I have rode on and here is an example of what type of fun that I have had:


Check this out. My chauffeur was hip. He knew all the newest songs that were coming out. He was even singing the Chris Brown and Usher songs although he was only 23. I know, it makes sense that he knows the latest trends in songs but, regardless, I wanted to be the most hip person on a song! Regardless, I will gladly and kindly invest to keep in touch with the latest trends in songs. However, I have been working on my business and do not plan to slow down until I at least touch 2 million dollars because there is no reason to go around life begging people for cash. Talk about a pitiful existence and lame memory.  I would rather live my life achieving my dreams and then move at the same constant speed that everyone else is doing. Achieving dreams is much better than living in disappointment. This is not to say that modesty is failure. It is just to say that I do not want to continually live in regret so I would rather take the risk that I had always wanted to take. Being broke achieving dreams or living life in mediocrity; I do not know which is worse. However, I cannot live my life constantly in regret and I will never know how the result will end up if I do not try.

Most of the great people that I look up to for inspiration do not settle for less. Most of the time, they undergo a temporary retreat but they do not give up in life. Giving up in life is not inspirational because it will not motivate others to keep going even when things get tougher. However, those that persist will either live their life in dismay or succeed and be the “exception”. However, I would rather try and keep going. Keep on striving to show off your success. For example, look at my teeth. I went to the Chantilly Dentist and now I can show off my teeth. However, this party bus company will know get to experience my amazing smile. Hopefully, you can all say the same thing as well. Until then, farewell. Here is chauffeur, by the way:


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